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Last night i watched the documentary that was on TV about Micheal Jackson, i found it very interesting and i also sat and watched and listened carefully to everything he had to say.

Now for Micheal Jackson to have done the exclusive interveiw must have very hard for him at times as i thought that Martin Bahsir (The interviewer) really pushed Micheal Jackson to talk about some distressful issues all about his abuse, his face and also his relationship with children, all these things are what the media tear him up about time and time again, at times Micheal Jackson seemed very distress to having to be practically falsed to go into such detail about his abuse as a child, i thought that the interviewer certainly pushed a bit to far on that subject, as a victim of abuse as a child myself i could well understand what Micheal was going though because if somebody was asking me those sorts of questions about my childhood abuse, and kept digging i would be very upset myself!

As for the questions about his face, what people don't seem to get is the fact that it is his face he can to do it what he likes and if he chooses to admit it or not is also his choice he is entitled to some privacy, he does not have to answer to the public what he chose to do with his face.

And lastly how predictable of the media to splash big headlines saying 'Wacko Jacko still sleeps with children' i was so annoyed to see that in the papers this morning, how disgracful!
If people actually sat and listened to what he was saying and how he said it, you would realize that he is not sexually assulting young children in his home, but he is reliving the childhood he never had through those children and he is also helping alot of children, whether it is right or wrong that children are staying at his home, it is very wrong to go accusing him of sex abuse and splashing all over the tabloids, to damage the man further is far worse than the children staying at Micheal Jacksons home.
The public can be so fickle and narrow minded they will believe what the papers say!!

I have all the compassion in the world for Micheal Jackson he had a tough childhood and even now he is still being abused but this time not by his father but the media, will he ever be free from the suffering he is going through, is it any wonder he hides in Neverland, and when out in public shy's away from anybody looking at him to closely.

How can you judge someone untill you have walked in their shoes? untill you have you do not have a clue.

I send love to Micheal Jackson he is a legend and don't you all forget that!
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